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10/08/2017. NewTechRoad Review

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Hello everyone! Welcome back to the MNO blog Ė the oldest, biggest and most trusted online resource dedicated solely to the subject of HYIP investments in the world. There was lots of interesting news stories to report over the last three days to catch up on tonight so keep reading until the news section for that, as well an introduction of a new program that just upgraded from Basic to Premium listing last night. Just as exciting however is a brand new addition to the MNO monitorĎs Premium List from yesterday called NewTechRoad. You might remember it was introduced in my last blog post after already being online for about a week. The interesting thing about NewTechRoad road is the level of flexibility given to members as regarding the investment term. They have quite an unusual feature for a medium term program but Iíll explain more about this as we go. What this has meant in practical terms for some of the first NewTechRoad investors is that they have found themselves in profit a lot faster than you might have thought from looking at the program initially. So letís see what they are all about and whether you think you might have room in your portfolios for NewTechRoad.

Starting things off as usual then with the investment plans, NewTechRoad only has one, but donít let that deceive you. At first glance it has a fixed term limit, however itís really up to the individual investor to determine the true length, though it doesnít go past a fixed length maximum limit (unless you decide to re-invest). The thing is that you are allowed to leave before the fixed expiry date, but if you donít and prefer to stay an active member then NewTechRoad will gradually increase your interest payments in installments.

Letís look at the numbers. Stripping things back to the most basic level, you will need a $20 minimum to join NewTechRoad. There is only one plan, and it runs for a term of 30 calendar days. Your initial interest payment is 2.1% per day. Thatís for the first five days, at which point NewTechRoad offer you a get-out-early clause. You are now free to request your principal back in full, meaning your first batch of payments add up to 10.5% in net profits. As I said, a few people may well have already accepted this offer and are no longer active members. But what about those people who want to remain and keep earning? NewTechRoad have the perfect enticement to get you to stay with them by increasing your interest rate to 2.3% for the following five days after that. That would add an extra 11.5% to your accumulating profits, which at this point would be 22% were you to take the early withdrawal option.

I suppose you can already see the pattern thatís developing here, right? Rather than reward bigger and bigger deposits with higher interest rates like most HYIPs do, NewTechRoad go down a different path of rewarding longer term loyalty. So if you have now stayed a member of the program for the first ten days, your interest rate will again improve to 2.5% for the next five days, taking you up to day 15 and the mid-way point of the term. Payments for this five day section come to 12.5%, so add this to your previous earnings and you now have a pretty substantial figure of 34.5% total net profit if you are going to withdraw your principal and leave NewTechRoad permanently at this point.

If you are happy with the performance of NewTechRoad up to this point and are happy to continue earning, the next stage of the plan sees them pay you back 2.7% every day for the next five days (13.5%), taking you up to day 20 of the 30 day term, and maximum earnings of48% so far were you now to leave.

The remaining ten days of the term see NewTechRoad up their offer to 3% per day until the final expiry date. This particular stretch should add up to 30% by itself, and when added to what youíve already withdrawn up to that point should give a final net profit of 78%, assuming you have of course stayed with NewTechRoad for the full duration. Your principal should now be returned, allowing you to re-invest for a full or partial term as you see fit. Remember also that if you do wish to leave the program early you donít necessarily have to wait for the interest rates to change, you are free to do so at any point after the initial five day lock-in period expires. By the way, the maximum investment limit is capped at $20,000.

After that I canít honestly give a practical example of what a typical investment might look like. It really is a case of there being as many possible outcomes as there are investors. All I can do is give you the numbers and you can work out for yourselves what you want to do with NewTechRoad after that. I can only add a few words of instruction for what to do when you eventually feel the time is right for you to take your principal back from NewTechRoad. Thereís nothing to it really, simply scroll down to the Active Deposits tab, click the drop-down menu to see the list, and push the Return Deposit button. Donít worry if you are new to the program and donít see this at first, itís only activated after the first five days.

The level of flexibility allowed by NewTechRoad will certainly go down well with many experienced investors who like to be more in charge of their deposits and choose their own release dates depending on personal circumstances and investment strategies. At the same time the gradually growing interest rates allow investors to be rewarded for their loyalty.

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