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    Default Bestemoneys -

    Shares Program is our way of raising capital needed to properly operate project and obtaining loyal members.
    In return for your help to make more popular we offer to share part of our income with you as well as to give a piece of Bestemoneys web portal (728x90 pixels spot).

    To benefit from Shares Program you should
    1th Join
    2nd Buy Share for a minimum $1 and maximum $100
    You can buy as many shares as you wish.
    With each share you own 728x90 pixels ad spot.
    Active Shareholder's Share will accumulate earnings every time when generate income. This can happen as often as multiple times per day.
    Each share remain active until earnings reach 150%.
    So, your revenue would be variable % daily until return reach 150%.
    Members can withdraw at any time. plan is to accept LibertyReserve, AlertPay, SolidTrustPay, SrictPay and possibly other payment processors. gives 10% referral bonus.

    Learn more:
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    Yesterday Bestemoneys activated AlertPay payment option, it had been tested and works properly. Today purchases can be made with LibertyReserve and AlertPay.

    How do you like Bestemoneys custom programmed script's functionality?

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    StrictPay and C-Gold payment methods were added today.
    Anyone prefer to use PerfectMoney and want to see it accepted?

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    Today added new payment option - SolidTrustPay.
    Now you can make purchases with AP, LR, C-G, SP and STP.
    If you purchase Share, you can receive earnings to multiple e-currencies.

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    Special bonus for Shareholders.
    You probably are member at some of programs published at BesteMoneys.
    BesteMoneys offer is to add your affiliate link for any program of your choosing.
    For each $10 Share you can choose one program.
    Learn more:

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    To clarify any confusion regarding that special bonus.
    It is available to all (old and new) Shareholders.
    If you bought Shares prior November 2, you too can participate.

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    Bestemoneys wish you Merry Christmas Eve and happy upcoming X-Mas holidays.

    During X-Mas time Bestemoneys come bearing gifts. Our gift: $1 bonus for every new $10 share purchase!
    See Details:

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    Because some members wanted to use traffic exchange programs to advertise their referral link, but did not like that visitors must click Enter link to access Bestemoneys content, decision was made to improve traffic analyzing system.
    New system use intro page no more.
    It displays regular page, but does not count such hit.
    Great news for advertisers: from now on your ads will be shown to such visitors for free.

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    Your ads here $43/month

    There are plans to add many new options.

    One of them is system where members could earn points by actively browsing site. Number of rewarded activities per day would be limited. Lets say you could accumulate ~10 points during one minute, but maximum 50 points per day.
    There would be various methods to transfer points into cash... not much cash, something like 100 points = $0.5 ~ $1.
    If sufficient number of people will be is interested, we could start making this upgrade next week.

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