Ministry of Public Security held in 30 major cities public security organs to crack down on economic crime detection Battle of video scheduling. Vice Minister of Public Security Liu Jinguo stressed at the meeting, has now entered the crucial stage of the detection Battle, especially around the big city public security organs should fight hard to strengthen organizational leadership and the security, to strengthen the evaluation of rewards and punishments, to lead the country, "Battle of detection off new climax. Liu Jinguo pointed out that the detection battle "to carry out three months, the public security organs across the country tenaciously struggling to tackle, uncovered a number of large cases and series of cases, destroyed a number of criminal gangs, crack down on dealing with a group of professional criminals, have made important victories. The country has enacted various types of economic crimes 145 000 cases, solved 102,000 cases have been more than last year, the total number of combat effectiveness and the level rose to a new level. 32 metropolitan areas were registered 37000 cases solved 26,000 cases, determined to win the "detection Battle" made an important contribution. Liu Jinguo requirements to enter the crucial stage of the detection Battle, especially around the big city public security organs "in charge" to really play to take the lead in a leading role, and continue to strengthen the organizational leadership and command and coordination, mobilization of the entire police force to participate actively in hostilities; to take the lead in the front line to solve the problem, strengthen communication and contact with other departments to unite all forces, enhance the comprehensive force. Liu Jinguo stressed that should always adhere to strict law enforcement, truthfully, to strengthen the quality of handling cases, each case can stand the legal test of time, to restore the victims to maximize the economic loss. Extensively mobilize the masses of the people to report crime leads, so that criminals can not hide, run away, and provide clues of the masses, in a timely manner to honor the reward. Strengthen the evaluation of rewards and punishments to increase investment protection, and improve team combat effectiveness. Recently, the Ministry will organize a special force to the Battle of the work of the big city public security organs to carry out special inspections, centralized supervision to promote the "Battle of detection" to develop in depth. At the meeting, the public security organs in Shenyang, Shijiazhuang, Harbin, Nanjing and Chifeng, Wenzhou experiences and practices. Goals, high standards around the universal detection Battle rose to number one project, and overall strengthening of the Battle of the organization and leadership, focus on "breaking major, major battles, positioning, self-pressure to build more police interaction, the whole police war the war pattern of the General Assembly, and promote the Battle of the