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    Default Growing role of bitcoin in today's gambling world

    Hello moneymaker,

    As we can all see Bitcoin exchange rate is growing every day, sometimes even within hours. Sure thing, Bitcoin exchange rate sometimes also drops a little bit, but overall it never drops below the position where the peak started.

    Yes, there is an explanation for all of this and I must say just one thing Bitcoin gets more and more popular in any industry where the money is involved. One of the most popular industries of this kind is definitely online gambling. Thus, the popularity of gambling with Bitcoins is just growing every day, constantly increasing its share in the overall global gambling market.
    Nowadays, Bitcoin is widely used as a payment option on gambling websites and other portals where money is involved. Yes, Bitcoin is not a new thing, but if we talk about the world in general, then it is clear that Bitcoin is still in the early stage of development and if one opens an online casino with Bitcoin payment options then it is similar to opening a first real casino in a town.

    One of the most popular Bitcoin casinos online nowadays is, this casino accepts Bitcoins (this is actually a Bitcoin‐only casino) and there are countless payers playing on this website if we judge popularity results from This casino offers all the most popular games that you will find in your local casino, but in this case you dont need to leave your home, or what is even better play from your mobile device.


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    Default Re: Growing role of bitcoin in today's gambling world

    I think it’s not just Bitcoin but the whole Crypto industry is playing huge role on this. It is not even surprising. I believe it is very much expected thing with due to the popularity of Cryptos. However, it’s not gambling that’s worth doing but more to do with making investment in ICOs, it is what will help us get maximum. I have just invested over 1k with Upfiring, as it’s thrilling idea and is showing us that we can earn by doing just the normal things! At least I am not letting this opportunity go!

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    Default Re: Growing role of bitcoin in today's gambling world

    Bitcoin has the footing in field online, so it is absolutely amazing option but we need to understand that other ICOs especially Santacoin are making waves too, so we need to look at that as well and Santacoin is amongst the top 3 most awaited ICOs of 2017. With just 2 days to go, it could be the very last chance for us to go ahead on getting our hands on the BIGGEST opportunity there EVER is! Take it as it comes before it gets too late!

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    Default Re: Growing role of bitcoin in today's gambling world

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    The most unfortunate part I hear is people considering it like gambling or really anywhere near to that level. Which I believe is absolutely incorrect and stupid. We could gain so much through it. In fact, it is not just though it but through the whole industry which is busting with potential. We just need to be sensible to see it all. There are amazing Upcoming ICOs that can really give us great boost, but we just need to take it in time. My favorite currently is CoinFi, it is amongst the hottest options right now and to invest there, it’s just sureshot success!

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