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    Default Trafficdictator - is an established advertising and revenue sharing company in United Kingdom.
    Our Ad Packs are priced at $5 and you will receive 1000 ad credit and 100 directory ad credit with each Ad Pack.

    Admin Dave Richardson (CEO of

    Incorporation certificate (Company Number: 9933117)

    You can make money in TrafficDictator with following ways:
    -> Revenue Sharing.
    -> By clicking PTC Ads and Directory Ads.
    -> Affiliate Program (10% commission from 1st level referrals).

    What is the Price of an AdPack?
    The Price of an AdPack is $5.

    How much i can earn per AdPack?
    You can earn up to 120% per AdPack.
    One adpack cost just $5 and matures at $12.

    Do use Re-Purchase Rule?
    No, don't use any Re-Purchase Rule. You can withdraw your all profit without any restrictions.

    You will be paid 10% on your 1st level referrals when your referrals purchase Ad Packs.
    We also reward you with 100% commission from referral click earnings.
    You will also earn $0.0005 / directory ad click

    You can deposit/cashout fund from Payza, SolidTrustPay, OkPay, PerfectMoney and Bitcoin.
    The minimum cashout amount is 5 USD.
    No fee for withdrawals

    Free registration, thank you:

    TRAFFICDICTATOR - Creating Wealth Through Advertising

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    Default Re: Trafficdictator -

    TD has more then 5200 people.
    Admin paying regularly and mostly pay within 12 hours.
    Admin going to do some big changes in coming days. These changes will not effect earnings.. related to site design and things like that..
    New Design for site is under development and will be completed in next 20-25 days.

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    Default Re: Trafficdictator -

    TrafficDictator is about 48 days old now and have received +$100k in deposits and +$10k paid to members in just 48 days. Paying non-stop 7 days a week.

    To make TD more stable and reliable Admin decided to make some changes in Plan.

    1. AdPacks are now priced at 5$ instead of 10$ - It will help members to repurchase earlier when their account balance reaches to 5$.

    2. 5$ AdPack matures at 6$ - 120%

    3. Daily earning is now fixed to 3% - and your account balance will be updated with earnings every 30 minutes and in 24 hours you will receive 3% earnings in total.

    4. with 3% daily earnings it takes 40 days to reach at 120% - It is good for stability.

    Admin making new design for TD and there will be an Earning Calculator in that design.. It will help members to estimate their earnings.

    Hopefully, New design will be ready by the end of June.

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    Default Re: Trafficdictator -

    New Template

    Designers are still working on template and it is completed about 70%. Coming on Sunday or Monday.

    Earning calculator is ready and functional but it will be available with new template.

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    Default Re: Trafficdictator -

    The site is paying and all payments process within 24 hours maximum.
    3% daily earning is guaranteed.
    Admin will bring lots of new, exciting and unique features on TD in coming days!

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