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    Start 01.12.2016 PerfectMoney veri., Trust Score 8.8 , Payeer

    Languages: RU


    Kriptovalyuta- electronic mechanism exchange values ​​(virtual currency), digital asset and accounting of emissions which are decentralized. The functioning of these systems occurs in distributed computer networks. These networks are not controlled by the state or international corporations, is therefore well suited to save their money, especially in countries with a weak economy and high inflation. Each of the leading cryptocurrency its purpose: one pretends to digital gold, the other tends to replace the traditional cash and the third becomes the basis for smart contracts fourth specializes in complete anonymity, and so on. This rapidly developing markets, which are able to be a good asset in the portfolios of investors. According to market characterized by high volatility (price fluctuation) and the huge potential for growth, which makes the profit potential, both in the short and in the long term. Using this service, the Investor who does not have proper knowledge, is able to invest in this direction.
    Investment plans:

    upto 7% monthly

    Our deposit:

    08.02.17 13:31 Transfer Sent Payment: 150.00 USD to account U4247082 from U1294xxx. Batch: 163537715. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Invoice 63,


    Minimal deposit: 10$
    Maximal deposit: no limit
    Referral comission: 0.01%
    Payments: Manual
    Script: H-Script

    Registrar Info
    NameTLD Registrar Solutions Ltd

    Important Dates
    Expires On2017-11-14
    Registered On2016-11-14
    Updated On2016-11-19

    Name Servers


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    14.03.17 07:21;Account;Receive;Received Payment 2.28 USD from account U4247082 to account U1294000. Batch: 168532708. Memo: API Payment. Auto.
    13.03.17 06:08;Account;Receive;Received Payment 2.81 USD from account U4247082 to account U1294000. Batch: 168372235. Memo: API Payment. Auto.

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    17.03.17 08:35;Account;Receive;Received Payment 1.37 USD from account U4247082 to account U1294000. Batch: 168975309. Memo: API Payment. Auto.

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    20.03.17 08:14;Account;Receive;Received Payment 1.3 USD from account U4247082 to account U1294000. Batch: 169378017. Memo: API Payment. Auto.

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    31.03.17 18:42;Account;Receive;Received Payment 1.09 USD from account U4247082 to account U1294000. Batch: 170880388. Memo: API Payment. Auto.

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    Default Re: cryptoinvest - 125 last post

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    18.04.17 09:45;Account;Receive;Received Payment 0.99 USD from account U4247082 to account U1294000. Batch: 173137105. Memo: API Payment. Auto.

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