Hi everyone! Welcome again to the MNO news blog for the latest updates from the biggest and highest budget programs in the HYIP industry. I must emphasize once again that apart from rare exceptions all the programs monitored on MNO bring profits to investors by completing at least one full cycle. If you compare this with other cheaper monitors sometimes offering false incentives to join scams under them you will see the contrast is striking. Thatís why so many of their unlucky followers keep losing money instead of earning decent profits from so many truly amazing programs around now. You can find some really stunning programs on the MNO monitor, so do yourself a favour and check them out here. Due to the overwhelming support from my readers voted on the TalkBack page I have made a decision to maintain the elite nature and spirit of MNO by increasing the listing prices from September 1. The date I have chosen is symbolic as it marks the start of the new autumn season which is definitely going to be hot in terms of new programs plus many people returning to investing after their summer holidays. Of course we already have some established leaders like LaserOnline (reviewed here) sitting on the top of the pile proving that anything is possible if you work hard and try to reach new heights every time. The next wave of HYIP admins will certainly try to replicate that success in the coming months and some of them will succeed. However, MNO is known for listing only the very best of the best, and this will continue for the foreseeable future. So, make sure to follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook, and Twitter, subscribe to the daily news to be delivered to your email address and check my monitormore often for new additions.

In todayís news Iíll be introducing a brand new program to the MNO monitor called Genetix followed by a closer look at the news from CryptoSolutions, Ykke, FatFunds, as well as the Payza payment processor.


Genetix is a new short to medium term program that was added to the Premium List on MNO earlier today (the admin also went for Sticky Listing and an extra banner on the MNO monitor for a week). Itís been online for about six days and if you want a decent chance for fast profits you might like it. Genetix is offering one plan with daily payments Ė 10% for 20 calendar days with principal included and chance to double your money in less than three weeks. However you may even reach the break-even point faster from the other plans paying once on expiry based on the size of your principal, including 106%-130% after 2 days, 130%-220% after 5 days, 180%-480% after 10 days, 340%-1100% after 20 days, and 800%-2900% after 40 days. As you may have noticed already of these have unreasonably high returns, so donít get too greedy and pick the more realistic options. Another interesting feature is the early exit clause for a 10% fee, so if you can change your mind later. A $10 minimum is required for each plan via BitCoin, PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash. Payza and Skrill are also taken, but unlike many other programs the admin of Genetix doesnít have approved accounts in either, so deposits are added manually within 6 hours and you invest at your own risk. Some smaller withdrawal requests might be processed instantly, but for larger ones you have an official timeframe of 12 to 24 hours. The website is bi-lingual and available in both English and Russian. It has some annoying music playing in the background by default which can be easily switched off by clicking the Sound button on the top. The script the Genetix website is running off is licensed from GoldCoders, itís hosted on a dedicated and protected server by DDoSGuard, and is SSL-secured by Comodo. I see on forums that Genetix is already a popular choice among the HYIP investors and hopefully the next few days will see interest in the program growing. As a short term program itís essential to keep making payments on time. I will have a closer look at Genetix in the upcoming review in a couple of days, so stay tuned for that!


Genetix is not the only program on Sticky listing on MNO as CryptoSolutions also recently upgraded to to enjoy the highest position on the monitor for one month. CryptoSolutions just issued a newsletter proudly informing members of their 500 days online. It might look deceptive though, because as Iíve already explained in my review posted here, CryptoSolutions has spend most of the time as a ďsleeperĒ and only upgraded the design and created new investment offers about seven weeks ago. Still, itís indisputable that CryptoSolutions is currently one of the strongest programs in the HYIP market. Plans offer paying daily interest and returning the initial principal on expiry Ė 1.5% for 30-500 days, 1.7% for 60 days Ė and many more paying once on expiry plans, including 125%-500% after 15 days, 1000% after 25 days, 155%-1100% after 30 days, 200%-2000% after 50 days, 300%-3000% after 75 days, 5000% after 100 days. Of course, like with many other such programs you need to be especially careful when selecting a suitable plan to make sure your chances to profit are maximized and invest only reasonable amounts. Apart from reaching 500 days online the admin neglected to mention what in my opinion is most important to some investors Ė some withdrawals are now processed instantly. I imagine this only applies to smaller withdrawal requests, as nothing has changed officially. The FAQ section CryptoSolutions still claims that payouts are manual and it might take up to 48 hours to be paid to your PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, or BitCoin accounts. However even smaller withdrawals are now processed instantly should be very welcome by the majority of current investors and those still sitting on the fence and missing one of the best performers in the HYIP industry right now:
ď500 days online!
Dear visitors and clients of the CryptoSolutions PTY Limited company.
Our hard work on providing worthy conditions of investing for all customers of the company shows steadily good results during the very long time.
Today we celebrate 500 days from the moment of the beginning of work of the investment program from the CryptoSolutions PTY Limited company online. This is the solid achievement, which establishes the new standards of an investment process.
We have reached this level of quality together with you, dear investors.
It is enough to tell that for these five hundred days of excellent online working, our investors have become over 9,000 people, who invested $3,965,991 in our company and at the same time already today they have received profit over $772,268.
We steadily and effectively prove our consistency of our investment strategy, constantly moving ahead, having improving our services.
The companyís Management of is sure, that consolidating joint efforts and developing together, we will be able to develop for many years and to become stronger day by day!
We congratulate all investors on this date and we express gratitude for trust and cooperation.
Yours faithfully, CryptoSolutions PTY Limited team.
Build your future by CryptoSolutions


One of the most interesting and indeed intriguing HYI programs of recent times has to be FatFunds. If ever a program defied all the odds for success then itís this one. As a long term HYIP monitor myself I have to say Iím generally dismissive of the alleged business activities behind most programs, a view thatís no doubt shared by the majority of experienced investors, but nevertheless thereís something I like about FatFunds. The program works on the grounds of challenging investors to make personal lifestyle improvements, to sacrifice the money they might spend on unhealthy or fattening products and put it to better use by investing it with them instead. Strange, but you must admit that the FatFunds website (ignoring the fact that itís an online HYIP for a moment!) does contain some fairly good advice. The program which was first reviewed on MNO here offers just the one realistic investment plan which pays 2.1% for 100 business days (others include 1378% after 50 business days, and 1577% after 100 business days) and payments via PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, NixMoney, and BitCoin. Their latest promotional stunt is the launch of their own monopoly style board game on sale for $99. Needless to say I donít recommend actually paying for this, the event that you would actually receive anything from them in the mail is unlikely, but itís still a curiosity with a free downloadable version available. The latest news from FatFunds is posted in full below:

ďExclusive board game THE FATFUNDS GAME only for $99!
Download free e-version of the game: in Russian language ( ~535 Mb, .pdf ) / in English language ( ~362 Mb, .pdf )
The FatFunds Game is a unique game for the rest and good health. It is especially produced to show how harmful our habits of daily harmful food consumption, drinking alcohol and smoking. Every day each of us is tempted to buy some junk food or drink and many people even like to smoke one, two or even a pack of cigarettes a day.
Only a few of us can say ďStopĒ to themselves in the struggle between temptation and sence. The majority of people are tempted without even thinking about harm they do, not only to their health, but also to their financial well-being in the future. The board game FatFunds is produced to stop the insanity on the temptations of harmful food, drinks and smoking.
Even if 5% of players understand the mission and the essence of the game, this will make the world healthier, more beautiful and richer!
The FatFunds Game includes:

1 game map, 6 playing fields, 2 dice with 12 sides, Game rules, 27 cards ďLadyĒ, 36 sport pieces, 30 health pieces, 495 products pieces, 52 cards with tasks, 1064 money pieces, 1064 calories pieces
Attention! Link your email address correctly! Our operators will contact you to clarify address of shipment to deliver produced version of the game. It is highly recommended to use email services gmail.com, mail.ru and yandex.ru
Attention! Free delivery is provided to countries: US, RU, UA, NL, GB, TW, BY, MD, UZ, DE, KZ, RO, VN, LV, CZ, AM, JP, EE, KG, ID, MN, A1, CN, PL, BG, IT, FR, GH, NO, CA, EU, AZ, IN, BR, MA, IE, PK, SK, AT, MO, MY, TH, BD, PH, ES, KR, CH, SE, CO, MK, NG, HR, BW, GR, MX, SG, AR, TR, PR, IR, QA, KH, EG, CM, LT, PT, BE, FI, AE, DZ, IL, AU, RE, CI, MQ, TM, VE, HU, HK, PS, ZA, DK, EC, PE, SA, AN, RS, CY, TN, TT, LU, KW, BA, BO, GE, IQ, CR, PA, DO, CL, JO, MG, OM, JM, LA, AL, UG, LK, SI, NZ, BJ, LB, BN, SD, AF, AP, KE, ZW, NI, HT, A2, SV, VG, NP, BH, HN, SY, BS, UY, SO, PG, MM, MV, ZM, PF, GN, TZ, SN, KN, PY, ET, BZ, MU, BM, LC, LS, NE, MW, LY, BI, BF, BB, TJ, ME, GT, CD, GM, NA, SR, IS, RW, MT, MZ, JE, NC, AW, YE, GL, AX.
Cost of delivery to other countries is $45 (payment for the delivery services upon receipt of the parcel in local currency). Terms of delivery depend on the region and are from 3 to 25 working days.


When most people think of Europe they probably have a mental image of France or Germany, but with almost 40 million people the HYIP industry definitely needs to pay more attention to Poland and the Polish language market. Thatís what Ykke have announced in one of their latest newsletters as reposted below. Itís a good move obviously as the HYIP industry starts expanding in the autumn only the very best programs will start to rise to the top, and Ykke is fast proving itself to be one of them. Since first being reviewed on MNO here, Ykke has defied the odds and become a profitable program for many investors. Thereís only one plan, it pays 3% interest every calendar day for how ever long the program can survive, and only one payment processor which is BitCoin. I guess the fact that the value of BitCoin, or to be more precise the exchange rate, has been soaring in recent times so thatís probably been hugely beneficial to Ykke and other programs like it. Itís not just the money though, the admin has to be pretty serious about the whole thing as well and have good intentions to help as many investors as possible make money for themselves along the way in the course of making the program popular, which Ykke has undeniably done. The latest newsletters from the Ykke admin can be read below, where he covers both the websiteís translation into Polish and the ever increasing value of BitCoin which is so vital to the programís expansion:

ďWelcome, Poland
The ambitious plans of the company get a warm welcome everywhere. Western European clients of Ykke Company also highly appreciate the quality of our financial services.
We know and understand that a high interest in our company requires hard work and steady growth from our team.
Today the Polish version of the web site has been added as a part of the Ykke IDEA global development strategy. We are confident that Ykkeís services will be in great demand here. Welcome, Poland!

ďEffective trading and our experience
The trading session of the last week was not the easiest one. The price range of Bitcoin fluctuated between $3900 and $4500. The future prospects of BTC exchange rate are still rather vague. Our traders had to be extremely peculiar when choosing the right moment to buy Bitcoin. And we must admit they succeeded in this due to their vast experience and caution steps in trading.
There were not so many deals made in order to provide profit with less losses for the capital.

(Read more...)