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    Start: 25/06/2017

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    At what Roly Investment Ltd. Works for you

    Roly Investment is a community of retired former hedge fund banks that have over 17 years of experience on Wall Street. The team behind Roly Investment consists of 10 members who are retired traders of Quantum Funds, Bridgewater Associates, JP Morgan Asset Management, and ManGroup. In 2009, the crypto currency market began to turn wall street on its head. The team has been working for seven years in this market. We perfected our ability to trade in the crypto market so that we could double invested capital the very same day it was invested.

    Mission and Solutions
    Our field of activity encompasses the digital trading of various crypto currencies for different pairs of currencies. This can also be in the form of derivatives or asset purchases. Our hedge funds are high risk, but our security strategies give us the chance to achieve very high constant returns.

    16-35% monthly yield for 1 Year - 3 Paydays a Week - Monday, Wednesday, Friday

    Referral Commission:

    Payment Processors:

    Minimum Deposit:
    0.01 BTC

    DDOS Protection
    Unique Design
    Registered Company

    Our deposit:
    BTC amount: 0.02216436 BTC
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    Paid again!

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