Just wanted to give you a heads up on
this ico (Initial Coin Offering)

I normally don't gamble with these but
today I decided to make an exception. We
are seeing celebrities and major players
in the world of technology investing
into this ICO...

It's unique as its the first
cryptocurrency that can be mined from a
smart phone. This could go viral
globally because of this fact alone.

I made an initial investment of $50 and
I have 5,527 coins so if these go up
after the launch then serious profits
could be made.

The cost of these coins are valued now
at just $0.01 each. Realistically after
launch the price of each coin can rise
to $5 or $100 or more. It is worth the

You can start with any amount of coins
you want to purchase.

Check out the company and if you think
you want a small investment then give it
a go...

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best start.

Have an awesome weekend...


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Stop Being Afraid of what could go wrong
and start getting EXCITED about what
could go RIGHT. ~ Anthony Robbins