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    Default Jazzle Games -

    Hello Forum Friends! Are perfectly prepared project!
    the start of the project: 28.01.2018
    I am not admin/Creator of the project.
    theme does not call for any action and created for informational purposes.

    Registration in the projecT!!!!!!
    ABOUT the Project!

    We are pleased to welcome those who are watching far difficult economic situation, which forces the investor to be very vigilant and to carefully choose:

    the industry for successful
    partner who is ready to take on the burden of formalities
    and to ensure the implementation of the investment process "turnkey".
    Not the first year experts of the company "Jazzle Games" are seeking for their partners, the niche investment that:

    to ensure a high level of income
    with an absolute minimum of risk.
    Investment over the years, our work has been entrusted to us by our clients has been mastered by the specialists of the company "Jazzle Games" with impeccable efficiency. They brought their owners with excellent dividends in the shortest possible time.

    Today one of the priorities of our directions is
    the construction of a casino in offshore zones!

    The profitability of gambling tested for centuries. The secret of success of those who invested in the construction and development of profitable casino, is in the depths of the human soul, which is gambling in nature.

    What do our clients?

    Enjoy all preferences of the owner of your own profitable business

    get a guaranteed profit
    regulate the proportion of their capital in the project
    multiply their wealth through profitable investments in gambling business!
    Hurry to invest in achieving your success. Read more about the read on the main page of our site!

    Marketing Project!

    7 days
    the amount of the contribution
    at maturity
    Ref. commission
    % of the profit

    50 days
    3.6% in a Day!
    the amount of the contribution
    included in accruals
    Ref. commission
    % of Deposit paid

    180% over the Investment Period!

    40 days
    1.8% daily!
    the amount of the contribution
    1000-10 000$
    at maturity
    Ref. commission
    % of Deposit paid

    172% over the Investment Period!

    77 days
    2% daily!
    the amount of the contribution
    3000-30 000$
    at maturity
    Ref. commission
    % of Deposit paid

    254% over the Investment Period!


    70 days
    to 2.2% daily!
    the amount of the contribution
    10 000-50 000$
    at maturity
    Ref. commission
    % of Deposit paid

    254% over the Investment Period!
    do Not forget to specify the wallets in the Section "Payment Details"

    the Payment System!

    PM, Bitcoin, Payeer, AdvCash, Yandexmoney ,Dash, Nix money, Ethereum,Monero, Payza

    Rules Payout!


    Minimum salary!


    Languages Project!

    2 language. (Russian, English)will be added later other language versions.
    When you first arrive on the website there is an Intro with a choice of language version.
    Referral program!

    8% 3% 2% 1% 0,5%

    12% 4% 3% 2% 1%

    Minimum withdrawal!


    advantages of the Project!

    Unique design from the Studio all4Hyip
    protected hosted byDdos Guard
    Absouloutely domain for 5 years Enom Inc
    Green Bar SSL encryption from GreenBar Comodo
    Reliable licensed script from H-Script


    133 days old
    Created on 2017-09-15
    Expires on 2022-09-15
    Updated on 2017-10-26 Whois History
    Name Server(s) NS1.DDOS-GUARD.NET (has 675 domains)
    NS2.DDOS-GUARD.NET (has 675 domains)
    NS3.DDOS-GUARD.NET (has 675 domains)
    NS4.DDOS-GUARD.NET (has 675 domains)
    NS5.DDOS-GUARD.NET (has 675 domains)
    NS6.DDOS-GUARD.NET (has 675 domains)

    Tech Contact WhoisGuard Protected
    WhoisGuard, Inc.
    P. O. Box 0823-03411,
    Panama, Panama , PA
    IP Address - 2 other sites hosted on this server
    IP Location Ecuador - Guayas - Guayaquil - Ddos-guard Ecuador



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    Withdrawall for 9-14 february:

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