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    Default To whom u will blame for mumbai terrorist attack?

    In the recent dates only ten terrorist attacked the mumbai in 4 place killing more than 200 people. Whom do u think is the cause of this attack our leader or our security guide?

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    I think Indian Governmant should take blame as they were sllepping when the terrorist came to Mumbai.They could have stopped it from happening if they had been active.

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    Yeah i too agree with rajesh ... they are the mastermind in this terrorist activity ...

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    i feel the present govt is very relaxed when it comes to cross border terrorism. in the last 5 years they have not acted sternly against any sort of disruptive elements. if the govt is very vigilant, pakistan wont be in a position to get away with these kinds of activities on Indian soil.

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    i will blame to India becz if we have tight security then the problem wouldnt be so serious

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    Red face stop this blame game

    It would be unfair to indulge in blamegame over the attack on Mumbai,from terrorists. It is world known fact that transborder terrorism is very active. On almost on or from all borders of India, primarily from Pakistan, and backed fanatic religious muslim world terrorists are bent upon it. It is the state backed practice of Pakistan. Whosoever is the ruler in Pakistan, he or she donot or cannot survive without anti india stand and steps. In this desire to control and govern pakistan everybody has backed and supported terrorism in and around pakistan. They are the main culprit.

    However, vigilant the indian or maharashtrian govt would be , it would be impossible to stop such things.

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    Default Re: stop this blame game

    I do not blame to any country or person without any proof because this is not any small blame .

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    Default Re: To whom u will blame for mumbai terrorist attack?

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    Pakistan ,,,,,,,,,,,

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